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Excellent Living proposes a new way to buy and sell property. Our main goal is to have 100% satisfied clients and
sellers. Excellent Living offers solid properties with prices according to market value, guaranteeing our
owners a quick sale and our buyers a safe and successful acquisition. In addition, when purchasing a property, our
buyers receive an evaluation of the property, as well as a list of documents and recommendations on how
proceed for the legal steps.



When buying a property, specially in a different country you need to make sure that all legal documents are in order as
well as knowing what is the real situation of your property regarding its maintenance and structure. We are able to
provide such services which complement the job of the real state company but are at the same time INDEPENT OF IT
and help the owner to make sure of its investment. In case of the Structure and Maintenance Certification we let you
know what are the works to be done in a property so it can be properly used (is the air conditioning to be changed, are
there any jobs of waterproofing to be done, is it convenient to put solar panels).